About Us

In The Beginning...

In late 1995 Zeke Jarbo walked into a cellular store to inquire about selling phones in his convenience store after a successful meeting. Zeke decided to buy one of the first Dish network satellite kits from them. Enraged with spending 500 dollars on a satellite Dish, Zeke’s wife opened the front door and threw it on the front lawn. The next morning, that Dish was installed and activated, and after watching programming from the other side of the world a light bulb went off in Zeke’s head. From that moment on, he was going to sell Dish. He made a call to a local international radio station and took an ad out " international programming from Dish, call FM Communications!" With the DJ's thick accent, he wasn’t able to pronounce communications so he took the liberty of changing Zeke’s new company name to FM Dish.

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From desperation comes inspiration

Zeke Jarbo of Jarbcom FM Dish

The convenience store was suffering, cell phones weren’t moving fast enough to pay the bills, Dish network was selling as a third party retailer but only provided crumbs. So Zeke made it his mission to become a direct retailer of Dish network. One afternoon Zeke made a call to Dish Network’s corporate headquarters, and they asked if he has ever sold Dish. To their surprise not only has zeke been selling Dish, but the company he was selling for received all their sales from FM Dish.

More than just TV

Fast forward to 2017, far from our roots of just satellite installation, FM Dish grew into a multi-platform company partnering with industry juggernauts in fields such as automation, networking, access control, surveillance systems and more. Becoming such a company meant we needed a new name and a fresh look to help us convey our message as a one-stop. Overnight, Jarbcom was born! We are a full communication company, we don't just provide you with a service, we give you the knowledge and peace of mind of knowing that no matter how big or small the job is, we have the solution for you. As technology grows we have no choice but grow with it or be stuck in the past. Hence our company motto: it’s a new day.

Quick Facts About Us

  • We offer the highest quality programming and technology with the most choices at the best value
  • We provide the most international channels and award-winning HD and DVR technology
  • We are open seven days a week with a 24 hour emergency service
  • We are recognized by multiple charity organizations year-round
  • We specialize in hospitality ,nursing, MDU TV, and security applications
  • We’re certified by the SBCA in DIRECTV Com1000 ,DRE, and D2 advantage
  • We’re certified By Dish in Smart Box
  • We’re certified By AMX in Automation