Distributed Audio

Why choose Jarbcom's Distributed Audio?

Your business and home can be customized to your liking with our distributed audio system that offers convenience, quality and flexibility. Our wireless audio systems are specifically and expertly placed within your premises to improve the quality and clarity of sound, making for a better atmosphere and experience.

Where can Jarbcom install Digital Audio?

Our designs are efficient in space consumption. The systems feature modern flush speakers mounted in your wall or ceiling. That are compatible with any room, regardless of the space available. Our floor speakers are aesthetically designed to feel like a natural part of your home and to consume minimal amounts of space.

If you enjoy the outdoors, we offer a special range of waterproof speakers that are custom made to withstand wear and tear for a guaranteed endless satisfaction. We design these speakers to suit your landscape, and can shape them to match your landscaping. Whether it is in the shape of your favourite gnome or flower pot, we will find the right design for you

Jarbcom  Distributed Audio
Jarbcom  Distributed Audio

High tech distributed audio systems

Our designs feature world class options that make use of the latest advancements in technology. Our systems have replaced the knob with an automated touch interface that allows you to control every component. You can remotely change your music selection through the touch control from every location on your premises.

We can customize designs to connect to the internet for a wider entertainment selection, as well as a digital jukebox that can sort and store your entire music collection by whichever preference. We also offer integration and calibration to ensure that everything runs seamlessly.

Space is no longer an issue

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Distributed audio is not just for supermarkets where the typical “clean up on aisle five!” comes over the speaker, interrupting the music playing. What makes them ideal is that they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. They are therefore handy in almost every space, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Sports Bars
  • Ballrooms
  • Schools
  • Arenas
  • Lobbies
  • Residential, homes, and apartments

Custom Designs To Fit Your Needs: indoors and outdoors

Having your favorite song blaring on the speakers as you move from room to room is possible due to products from control 4, Russound, savant and many more. What happens when you’re listening to a radio show, and your friend sends you a new track via phone? With these wireless audio systems, you can easily make the switch for a seamless sound experience. The speakers are discrete and blend in with the wall or ceiling. There is a variety to choose from at varying price points. What you can expect is rich quality sound for ambiance music and more.

With technological advancements, some keypads and touchscreens allow you to take interactive control of the audio. Their portability makes them convenient to take charge of what’s playing without having to keep going to a central place with knob controls. Such a feature plays in well with smart homes where automation meets entertainment.

How you experience sound is not limited to within your home. Weatherproof audio speakers are perfect for outdoor entertainment all year round. There are different designs to cater to your creative needs. You can have them mounted on the eaves, among your floral arrangements, and on the rocks in your garden. The purpose of the concealment is to enjoy music without disputing the authenticity that nature presents.

Jarbcom  Distributed Audio

Jarbcom  Distributed Audio

Designs Tailored For Every Environment

We offer installation services for our distributed audio systems with custom designs to suit every room. You need not worry about redesigning your home to fit your audio system. We offer complete deign, incorporation and installation services, as well as any information and technical support that you may require afterwards. We also offer a range of designs to suit your style and budget without compromising on our high quality standard.

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Custom Paint Schemes For Any Speakers included at no extra charge! Request a quote now to get started!

Jarbcom  Distributed Audio

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