How Having a Home Alarm System Can Save You Money

How Having a Home Alarm System Can Save You Money

How Having a Home Alarm System Can Save You Money blog image

Getting a home security system is a major decision for most homeowners. Having a security system can provide peace of mind among other things. Suprisingly, having one can actually save you money. Having a home security system, that's monitored, will save you money. A monitored home security system, can save the average homeowner anywhere from 10-20% on their homeowners insurance.

Insurance companies reward their customers with discounts because it makes sense. If you don't have a security system, and your home catches fire, chances are it will be a total loss by the time the fire is put out. On the other hand, if you have a home security system, the chances of it being put out before everything is gone, are much better.

Insurance companies are looking to minimize their risk, and ultimately their cost, of having you as a customer. The more damage that's done to your home, will equal a higher payout from the insurance company. This scenario works for more than just fires, it also applies to burglary. The more that's stolen from your home, the more money that your insurance company will end up having to give you to replace it. The bottom line is they want to save money, and they pass that savings on to you.

Most Americans have cell phones these days, so the need for a home phone has dwindled. While a home security system is typically monitored through a home phone, there are other options. Your security system can be monitored through your high-speed internet. You're already paying for the internet, so make your money go farther. The equipment to monitor through your high-speed internet, may be a small investment initially, but in the long run it will save you money. A home security system can also be monitored through a dedicated cell unit, also known as cell back-up. It works much like a dedicated cell phone for your security system. The monthly monitoring may be a little higher, but it's still less than a home phone would run. With either of these options, you're making your home even more secure. A home phone line can be cut, stopping your security system from sending signals out. However, with internet monitoring or cell back-up, this possibility is eliminated entirely.

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