Reactive lighting near me

Reactive lighting near me

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reactive lighting near me

In the reactive lighting near me project we focussed on light as an ever changing natural phenomenon that inspired us to develop new forms of artificial lighting. We explored the possibilities of the latest lighting technologies and at the same time created rich and enjoyable interactions demonstrated through functional prototypes.

Lighting is a classic and fascinating topic for designers, especially now where LED and OLEDs with their completely different form factors are challenging lamp arche types. Emerging hybrid technologies and the multitude of nostalgic products are clear indicators of this transitional phase we are in.

Reactive lighting near me

Reactive lighting near me

This project took a fresh approach to designing a lamp for a smart and connected world, whilst taking account of the many rich cultural traditions and design contributions which exist in the field of lighting. Aside from a basic understanding of the phenomenon of light, its physiological effect, and also an introduction to lighting technology, we wanted to investigate the possibilities for improving the inter-relationship between lighting and environment.

Main Features that you may found with reactive lighting near me - Li-ion battery pack - Lockable on/off and mode selection switch - Light sensor - Wide-beam and focused-beam LEDs - IPX4 water resistant to 30cm - Maximum output of 355 lumens - Minimum output of 7 lumens - Constant lighting outputs of 315 lumens or 8 lumens - Runtime of 1hr 20 min to 8 hrs - Lithium ion battery pack recharges via USB

What untapped creative potential lies within the concept that lighting could develop an understanding of its environment? What means would an inanimate object use to express itself, and how can one tangibly design communication to interact with such an object?

In order to light a fire, air must flow, so sometimes we slightly blow towards the fire to make it brighter and stronger. In the case of a candle, however, blowing air is used to extinguish the flame. The third procedure is based on the way a flame can be passed from one torch to another, with just a slight touch.

Just like a torch, the lamp is portable and can light up another lamp when they get close to each other, reminiscent of the ritual of the Olympic Torch. The input for this action comes from a hall sensor, which can detect the inbuilt magnet of the other lamp. Taking it in your hand, you can use and move the lamp wherever you want.

When sunlight shines through the trees, a play of light and shadow occurs on the ground below. The leaves and branches swaying gently in the breeze create a moving pattern: a static image, simultaneously defined by countless, little, constant variations - a kind of visual rustling.

We recognise similar phenomena from other areas of the natural landscape, be it the babbling mountain stream, waves breaking on the shore, or clouds drifting by. They are all to a certain extent repetitive and static, and therefore demand little attention, however they can stimulate our imaginations with their calm, yet constantly changing movements. Our reactive lighting near me controllers provide safety since the operation is completely automatic and the lighting system provides individual step lighting. LED lights are only used which allows for a completely maintenance free system.

Colorful lights, if done right, can look cool and futuristic. LED light strips have come a long way, which means you can ditch the year-round Christmas lights for something cleaner-looking. What’s nice about LED strips, though, is that they’re thin and flexible, so you can put them places traditional bulbs can’t go, like under cabinets and in drawers. This means they’re also functional — they can shed a little light on what’s going on in the back of the fridge or under the bed.

Your options for where you want to put LED strips are limited mostly by your imagination, where you have an outlet, and what you don’t mind adhering something sticky to. We’ve rounded up some Instructables and how-to videos to help you get started. If you plan to tackle any of these projects, just make sure to use caution.

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