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Video surveillance made simple

Keep your business safe with an easy-to-use surveillance solution. With Jarbcom, you can monitor your whole premises onsite, and even on-the-go. Flexible options provide a reliable solution that’s ready to scale for any home or business needs. Whether you own a shop, hotel, office or any other small business, Jarbcom will give you a complete security solution that’s designed to keep your business safe. And give you extra peace of mind. Jarbcom offers a wide portfolio of IP-based products and solutions for security and video surveillance. Our security cameras, video encoders, accessories and access control products are based on open industry standards. The products integrate easily with Axis’ video management software, or with a partner product, to build a complete security or surveillance solution.

Accurate People Counting

”What is the average number of visitors in my store throughout the day? How long do they stay?”

Efficient queue monitoring

“How can I proactively manage queue lengths and response times to enhance customer experience?”

Effective campaign investments

"Is my advertising attracting people to the store? What is the demographic of my customers? What is my in-store conversion rate?”

How it works

Jarbcom Camera Infograph

Gain better insight to optimize your store

A true view of customer behavior in real time

Reliable visitor traffic statistics

Marketing investment effectiveness

Reports to help you improve staffing and store layout

Keep your existing Wire with HD Over Coax

HD-over-Coax is a new analog high definition (HD) video standard transmitting over coaxial cable. The technology provides transmission of HD video as well as audio, and two-way control data over long distances. You can implement an HD system using the same coax cables that your existing analog system is running on. HD-over-Coax installs just like analog cameras and gives you up to 1080p High Definition. No fiber, no configuring, and no special training required. And, you don't have the limitations on distance like you find in IP and HD-SDI systems. The HD-over-Coax solution incorporates both cameras and DVRs. The technology currently offers two specifications: 1080p (1920 x 1080) and 720p (1280 x 720). In addition, the technology features Auto Signal Compensation (ASC) which provides extremely low signal distortion for long-distance transmission. HD-over-Coax transmits HD video over distances in excess of 500m (1640 ft.) with no expensive repeaters or signal boosters But Remember this option only works best, with home run (direct shot) RG59 Siamese cables that you get from DIY ( do it you self ) kits will work as well but aren’t designed for this type of application and will fail over time.

Old Wire, old system, or first time buyer? IP is the new standard

Security cameras have become a common feature of modern security systems. However, technology continues to move forward and analog systems are becoming outdated. More and more facilities are moving away from analog to IP video surveillance systems. IP cameras differ from previous generation analog cameras and Hd over-coax which transmitted video signals as a voltage, whereas IP camera images are sent using the transmission and security features of the TCP/IP protocol. Some advantages to this approach include Scalability, Ease of Installation, Image Resolution, and analytics. As the technology continues to improve, we see the cost of IP cameras dropping as well. As the cost of IP cameras becomes more competitive with analog cameras, combined with the above-mentioned benefits of improved image resolution, scalability, ease of installation and the ability to apply video analytics, now is the time to move your video security system from analog to IP.

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