TV Mounting

Why have a TV Mounted?

Wall-mounting a TV can instantly declutter a room and increase the screen’s visibility. By relocating receivers, game console , blue-ray and more to a nearby closet or a faraway basement, it will easily allow you to turn your fire place into an additional focal point, utilize corners in oddly shaped rooms, or simply mount your tv on a flat wall. Our team of expert wall fishers will run lines to any part of your home without any damage and no need to fix drywall or paint

Jarbcom TV Mounting
Jarbcom TV Mounting

Wire Clutter

Hiding cables is as important to the look of the wall as the wall mount itself. While many of the systems come with clips or other ways to contain the cables behind the TV, the cables still could show from below the wall mount, our simple solution to relocate your entertainment equipment to a nearby closet, basement or wherever you like in your home allows for a sleeker look. Using high frequency or IR devices your remotes will function as if the box is right in front of you.

Space & Style

You can create valuable space on top of furniture or remove your furniture altogether for a clean, modern look in any room. Mounting your TV on the wall or above a fireplace and out of the way is a great way to emphasize its sleek, thin design.

Space and Style Jarbcom TV Mounting
Space and Style Jarbcom TV Mounting


Get the most out of your flat-panel TV by mounting it on the wall for optimal performance. Our wall mounts can extend, tilt and swivel, making it easy to find the best viewing angle and reduce glare from lights or windows. Don’t stop there get the best HD sound by mounting a sound bar under your tv or true surround sound with in wall solutions


Mounting your flat-panel TV is the safest, most secure way to avoid injury. With their tall, thin structure, flat-panel TVs are very susceptible to tipping over, which can cause property damage, personal injury or even death.

Safety Jarbcom TV Mounting

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