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Installing automation and smart home systems is considered as the next step in the evolution of homes around the world. With its ability to significantly improve convenience, efficiency, and safety, more houses around the world are going the “smart” route. However, finding the right smart home system and the right service provider to install it is half the battle. If you live in in Detroit, Michigan, or in the surrounding Oakland or Macomb County cities such as Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Farmington Hills, Novi, West Bloomfield, Troy, Shelby Township, or Clinton Township, the best choice for your home automation needs is Control4.

Jarbcom4 Control 4 Smart Automation Home
Jarbcom4 Control 4 Smart Automation Home

Why Choose Control 4?

Founded in 2003, Control4 has become one of the leading brands when it comes to home automation. The company’s mission is to provide homes and business establishments with effective and affordable automation options. Some of the functions they automate include lighting, energy, security, and entertainment systems. They also customize these systems according to the needs of their clients, providing automation experience that is tailor-fit to their specifications. There are many home automation systems available, but you will be hard-pressed to see a better system than Control4.

Control4 stands out from the competition because the company believes that the home is much better if things work together. That said, they managed to interconnect more than 10,000 different third-party consumer electronics devices, making their solutions truly integrative. To make this possible, Control4 partnered with almost every brand of smart appliance, electronics, and home security solutions out there, and it created a system that boasts of superior interoperability. To date, Control4 is partnered with thousands of distributors and custom integrators from more than a hundred countries, establishing a reputation for quality that resonates worldwide.

Jarbcom4 Control 4 Smart Automation Home
Jarbcom4 Control 4 Smart Automation Home

Control 4 Products

Control4 provides a wide range of automation products that can integrate all of the smart devices in the home together. For instance, if you’re an audiophile, you can install the EA-1 Every-Room-Audio; this system allows you to link all of your multimedia devices (Apple TV, Kindle Fire, Amazon Echo, Xbox, etc.) together so you can access them all using just one remote control or via the app. With this system in place, you can stream high-fidelity music anywhere you are in the house via the Triad speakers that come with the package. You no longer have to fumble with several remote controls to find out which one controls what, you just need the one that comes with the Control4 system; it will be the universal remote for your entire home. Control4 offers you the full smart home system experience. When you integrate all the devices of your home into one system, that is when you can really take full advantage of what modern technology has to offer. With just one remote, or using your voice, you can now control everything in your house, from the shades, the A/C, the lights, security system, media center, and even the locks on the doors.

The Control4 Smart
Home System Explained

While there are others who offer smart home systems, the best choice is to pick Control4. They deliver a combination of performance and reliability that will bring out the most from all the devices installed at your home. It all starts with the right platform. The Control4 smart home platform serves as the hub wherein all the devices in your home work in unison with each other. This platform is also fully customizable, allowing for a fully personalized form of connectivity that works in sync with the way you live.

Jarbcom4 Control 4 Smart Automation Home
Jarbcom4 Control 4 Smart Automation Home


Networking is the next great realm in integrating home and business functions. Now, all parts of the home are expected to be network-ready, and the possibilities provided by such systems seems endless. Control4 makes sure that your transition to a network-ready home is done as seamlessly as possible. Our technicians will teach you how to use the system, which is already quite easy to understand right out of the box, so you won’t feel overwhelmed and confused. All the electronics in your home will be connected to each other via Control4’s superior smart home interface. You can now control every connected device in your home using just one remote, or through the Control4 app installed in your smartphone.


Smartphones & Tablets

You will never have to stop a conversation or get up from your seat to change the music again! Get it done in seconds with the Control4 app as it integrates with your music and streaming services.


Keypads are no longer just for lights! Use keypads to control music, tv, curtains, and other devices! Have separate keypads for each or put them all on the same keypad; that's right, you can even customize your own!

Apple Watch & Smartwatches

Connect your smartwatch or apple watch to your home. Control the lights in any room, adjust the volume, or change the song in seconds with the swipe of your finger! Any safety or home alerts will also go straight to your watch for instant notifications.

Embedded Touchscreens

Select your movies or activate the speakers in your home, picking songs playlists and transitions, in a bold way. Pass the portable screen around and let your guests pick the music, or use your elegant embedded in-wall touchscreen!

Handheld Remote Control

Control your tv, music, speakers, lights, curtains, and other home automation features all using the same remote!

Voice Control

Control4 seamlessly integrates with voice-activated devices with Amazon Alexa! This means you don't have to lift a finger to change a song, dim the lights, adjust your curtains.

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Getting the Control4 Smart Home System takes the functionality of your home to the next level. We are a service authorized to provide Control4 services such as installation and customization. We serve Michigan cities such as West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Shelby Township, Macomb, Oakland, Farmington Hills, and other surrounding areas. Contact us now to know more about our services!

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